GreatHeart Healing


With more than twenty years' experience in caregiving for the elderly (dementia and Alzheimer's), I will provide compassionate companionship, encouraging and uplifting emotional support, and mental stimulation for your loved one.

I am extremely patient and affirming, and also do laundry, personal care, light housekeeping, and transportation - or just run errands for the homebound. I love to read to the blind, and walk slowly with slow walkers, pointing out beauties that people in a rush may miss.

I have excellent references, and earn every bit of the $20/hour I charge. I can coax a smile out of a stone, and have an unending supply of hugs to share.


As a Reiki Master, I use Attunement and Reiki to balance to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This balance enhances mental functioning, brings a sense of peace and clarity of vision, and helps you feel loved and safe.

I work with the life force, sometimes called ch'i, prana, or Spirit, and with the physical networks through which life force flows. I help you activate your own healing process; I have healed a blistered burn in a matter of minutes, lessened the pain of gout, and brought relief from the pain of abcessed teeth in one short treatment.

Nonjudgmental and cheerful, I will empower you by teaching deep breathing and grounding out techniques, and by helping you establish your own connection with the Divine.



"Her blessing was out of this world." Rev. Duke Tufty, Kansas City, Missouri

"Chelle shines so brightly when she is living her love and the shine illuminates those around her...She has the gift of being able to translate pure love into healing energy." DVM, North Kansas City, Missouri

"Chelle has been/is/always will be the only kind of activist the human race needs, one who cares more about people than things, who transfers that caring into effective, active help, who sees the Go(o)dness in every person and responds accordingly...even such a gifted writer as she will never be able to express the all-encompassing love and spirituality of even any single day in her life." JM, Sioux City, Iowa

"Your arrival to care for dear Pam is truly a blessing from God." PG, Arizona