I love to celebrate my impression of the earth’s beauty — sunsets and moonlight, woods and fields, the less traveled path, and the flowing waters of ocean, lake, and stream. I invite you to rejoice in a sense of shared wonder at the miracles surrounding us.

Many paintings are available as gicleés, printed on watercolor paper in archival ink. Most of the signed and numbered series are limited to only 99 prints.


"If you have to rush to see the show, any haste will be rewarded with a threefold measure of peace. Lange's watercolors, oils, giclee prints and mixed media paintings invite — almost compel — contemplation, introspection, and meditation.

"They're lovely, utterly guileless celebrations of the world around us — sunrises and moonsets, woods and fields, oceans and lakes and rivers. Each piece is also an invitation to join the rejoicing." Steve Brisendine, Review: Mid-America's Visual Arts Presentation

"She doesn't realize how good she is." Dr. Teresa M. Volner, Overland Park, Kansas, http://www.totalcarechiropractic.info/